Sunday, August 24, 2008

Driving - Indian style

- When driving in India, keep your car in the middle of the road.
- Lanes? What are lanes?
- When overtaking, honk your horn.
- There's is no need to use rear-view mirrors. Cars will honk their horn if overtaking.
- Trucks do not have indicators and may go from the middle of the road to one side at any point. Honk your horn.
- Trucks do not have, or will not use, rear-view mirrors. Honk your horn if planning to overtake, or if you are in close proximity of one (which is ALWAYS).
- Mind the cows.
- If a person looks like he or she is about to cross the road in front of you, honk your horn to let them know you're not stopping.
- Never mind the camels.
- Accept that driving is really only a motorised version of slalom.
- Never mind the donkeys, dogs, monkeys or crowds of people.
- Swish past motorcycles, but honk your horn if the sari-wearing wife is riding along.
- Speed limit, Schmeed splimit!

My driver's a master so about 6 hours and 15 near-death experiences since leaving Delhi, I have arrived in Pushkar - famous for it's temples and pick-pockets!

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