Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Got a job - going on holiday!

I've opened another coconut. My rock n'roll lifestyle ends September 1st, when I will be reporting into my new job like any other mortal.

I thought I would start my new employed life by taking a holiday (as you do) so I have this morning booked a flight to India. I shall attempt to travel around Rajasthan for a week using trains, buses, camels and the odd elephant.

Mother thinks it's a very bad idea for me to be traveling alone but I pointed out to her that considering there's a billion or so people living in India, I am not likely to be alone for much of the time.


Hult said...

Virgin Mary does Goa?
Gz on new bread and butter!

Marie said...

"Inside her Jodhpurs"
"Sikh-en natt!"

I won't be going to Goa. My friend M says it's all about doing drugs and sitting on the beach. I don't particularly like sitting on the beach..."

Hult said...

Always going for the lesser of two evils always gets you by! Bon voyage anyway ofc.