Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alternative Hobbies

Athletic teenage boys in my hometown of Kalmar (Sweden), are being harassed by a man the media has named "Kick-in-the-Balls-Johan". Kick-in-the-Balls-Johan has been contacting a number of boys offering money in return for being kicked in the balls. One 17-year-old told the papers that Kick-in-the-Balls-Johan had requested no less than 15 kicks in his balls. In addition, he has shown interest in facebook photographs, particularly of feet.

I'm not judging- we all need to get our kicks somehow!

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Fiore said...

I wonder what would work as a deterrent to this guy? If he's willing to pay for a kick in the fruit and two veg, I dont think threats would work very well. "If you dont leave me alone, im gonna kic... no, wait, nevermind".

Glad to see you pick up blogging again, by the way.