Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Loony L

I have a new American co-worker - L. I say American, but I actually think she immigrated there from Loonyland!

From Loonyland she moved to Kalihi, a small town outside Honolulu, Hawaii. I know this place very well as I’ve also lived there once upon a time.

L: Oh, so did you ever see the ghost of that Japanese woman who used to stand by the petrol station?

Me: No, I never saw her.

L: Really, you never saw her? She was there all the time.
(This should be read in the same tone as I would ask someone: Really, you didn’t know that grass is green?)

Me: Must not have been paying attention.

L: Oh, but what about on Pali Highway, did you ever cross over?

Me: Yes, yes. Many times.

L: So did you see the ghosts of the 100 Hawaiians up there.

Me: Hmmm…no I don’t think so…and that’s strange because I used to hike up there.

L: My father worked for the IRS and there were lots of ghosts in their offices.

Me: This I can see.

She’s completely bonkers – I love her!

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