Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have finally given in and bought a TV. Never having been much of a TV person, I can remember every single TV I've owned.

My first TV was red and had belonged to my auntie. It was old already in 1994. Instead of a remote control I used a long stick, made out of rulers and pens duck-taped together.

My second TV was a birthday present from my friends in Russia. It was black-and-white and smelled like gasoline. In addition to being a TV, it also served as a home to Igor, my pet cockroach. It was the only TV in the corridor, so my flat became a gathering place for important events such as the Eurovision Song Contest and the Ice Hockey World Championships.

My third TV, P gave me for Christmas because he couldn't stand that coming over to my place meant missing East Enders, Coronation Street and other important soaps.

TV number 4 is now sitting in my flat. Hooked up to my CD-thingie, which is really a pretty cool sound system, I'm liking it!

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