Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Restlessness strikes again

The travel devil is back! He, who in true Disney style, lives behind my ear, tells me to move, move, move. When I arrived in Hong Kong I declared him dead and buried. I could easily picture myself spending a lifetime out here. Seems the little devil wasn't dead at all, merely hibernating. A few days ago he woke up and started talking rubbish again (I am not hearing voices, there really is a little devil behind my ear).
Mother has for some time been campaigning to get me to leave Hong Kong (in favour of settling down in rural Sweden, producing an army of grandchildren for her). If ever I say anything negative like "I have been eaten alive by mosquitoes again", she replies:

- See, there's nothing good about Hong Kong.

I look forward to the next time she says this, as I can now reply:

- You know what, you're right! That's why I am moving to Botswana.

Mother will not be impressed!

If Hong Kong is the world's most difficult place for a single, white girl to meet a reasonable guy, I reckon Botswana must be one of the easiest! Or maybe South America? France? Oh, and I really like Italy! What can I say, the world is my oyster!

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