Thursday, July 17, 2008

I tell you this much...

When my grandmother tells me about a conversation she’s had, she tells it like a dialogue, using different tones of voice or accents to separate who said what. She also tends to use the same old expressions over and over again, so that in fact she is re-telling the overall point of the conversation carefully placed into her own universe. This means that, according to my grandmother’s stories, almost everyone start their sentences with:

“I will tell you this much, that…”


“This much I’ll tell you, that…”

In addition, she refers to people according to where they live. In her family there’s no Bill, Jack and Bob. We are Stockholm, Australia and Hong Kong. There are also Oskarshamn and Monsteras. When we get to Monsteras it gets complicated as there are two sets of people living there; so you have to understand the context in order to know who she’s talking to. Yesterday she told me Oskarshamn is coming down this weekend.

“What?! All of them?” I asked sarcastically, but another wonderful thing about my grandmother is that she doesn’t really listen to sarcasm but simply says “Yes!” and continues talking.

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