Friday, June 6, 2008

Veni, vidi, vici

The final battle is over and I have won the war against “Worst Employer of the Year”.

It took getting ANGRY. I find it very difficult to get angry so I had to mentally prepare for it ahead of time. I spent my journey to work thinking about things that make me angry (that Yeltsin will only be remembered in history as a drunk, when in fact he had a crucial role in the fall of Soviet Communism; and that those really great yellow sandals at Nine West are not available in my size).

I won in the end the final battle of “Where’s the Document” by the words:
“No, it is not my document. It belongs to the company, I just wrote it. Since I am no longer part of this company, it is not my responsibility to find it!”

I then packed up my four pairs of shoes and left, paycheck in hand!
(The Document is by the way stored where all my other files are stored and I am certain they will find it if they only bother to look.)

It’s good to get ANGRY sometimes! A friend used to tell me that getting really angry once and awhile is like having great sex. She claimed that one can be substituted for the other. I don’t really agree but I can see her point…and I feel really sorry for her husband.

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