Friday, June 6, 2008

Unwanted company

Svenska Dagbladet is reporting that a British man received Euro 953 in compensation from his travel agent, after complaining that his hotel was full of Germans!

This has angered the Germans into black listing holiday resorts that are full of Brits. They have also issued a guide on to how to recognize a British tourist:

“Bright red, beer belly and hair cropped short – not a pretty sight”

I would like to add to the discussion, that the above description fits quite well on German tourists as well.

I am also looking forward to the British equivalent of the German black list. I think it is quite good of them to do this so that the rest can make use of both lists and avoid Brits and Germans altogether.

For now, this is where NOT to go if you want to avoid Brits:

1) Bay of Palma, Mallorca
2) San Antonio, Ibiza
3) Playa de las Americas, Teneriffa
4) Ayia Napia, Cypern
5) Faliraki, Rhodos
6) Malia, Kreta

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