Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why dead?

I try to anticipate my students' replies and reactions. I often get it right...not always.

To practise improvised story-telling, I typed up a number of silly questions. One read:

"Why are you walking around with a dead fish?"

I expected the story to revolve around why they had A FISH in their hand. Instead, every single student focused on the fact that the fish was DEAD.

Fish mongers in Hong Kong sell fish from tanks, poured into water-filled plastic bags where it can happily (?) swim about until cooking time. An already dead fish would warrant complaints. Silly me!

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Patrik B Nilsson said...

So now we've both been bitten by fish related comments. When one of our fish died and Marcus wondered why, I told him that "the fish ate himself to death" (as a result of the kids feeding them too much). His reply was "how did the fish eat himself?"