Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old name, same person.

After much consideration, I decided some two weeks ago that it was time to make that name change after all. It's the hassle of it that's kept me this long.

My first choice, as suggested by Fiore, was Hammer (as in MC Hammer), but in the end I decided that I really rather like my maiden name.

Hence my blog address ought to change. This is not going to happen. It will be one of those things I won't bother with for years to come. Officially though, as of this morning, I am a Nilsson again.

It's like coming home to an open fire, a cup of hot chocolate and Ivanhoe showing on TV.


Hult said...

Welcome back! Though Hammer sounded cool.

Fiore said...

Well, it was worth a try. Though I realise that it's to late for lobbying I've still included a related viral ad in the url bound to my handle.