Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dead woman walking

I picked up my passport this morning. I've been dreading it for weeks. I'm not vain, but I do like having a good passport photo. The problem is that I am as far from photogenic as a penguin is from a polar bear.

So it was with a sickly feeling (which had nothing to do with my booze consumption yesterday) that I received and slowly opened my new passport. And alas, there it was, the photo that shall follow me for the next ten years (or until I lose another passport), and I look just like Zombie Barbie having a stroke.

The camera has caught me in such an amazingly freaky stare that if I met myself in a dark alley, I would scream and run away.

I suppose it could be worse.


Fiore said...

I dont think that _anyone_ is photogenic enough to look good on id-pictures. I suspect that the lenses they use are made by the same people making funhouse mirrors. Personally I always look like a russian mobster, fallen on hard times.

Marie said...

Yes, I think you're right. For the old passports you could bring your own photo, which meant spending an afternoon and a fortune in a photo-booth...but at least you had a reasonable chance of not looking mongrel. Nevermind.